Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Applesauce Time!

We have a lot of Melrose left with a few on the trees.
It's getting late in the season to do your applesauce, so if you haven't done it, you need to get it done NOW. How does my family make applesauce? We use the food strainer attachment for our Kitchen Aid mixer and our 30 quart pressure cooker (holds 14 quart jars). Once the apples are picked and washed, it's time to start cutting up the apples.
Cut the blossom end of the apple out, then chop the apple in quarters, and throw it in the pot. (There is no need for peeling or coring using this method.) Once your pot is full, dump in two quarts water and secure the lid. Turn on the propane burner. Cook the apples until the gauge hits 10 pounds pressure. Shut off the gas and let the pot sit until the guage is at 0 pounds. Open the cooker and start putting apples through the food strainer. Apple sauce can then be placed into jars or freezer bags.

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